Hello, from HelloStudios! We are eco-friendly developers, designers, engineers, and creators. HelloStudios’s team members are primarily college students at Santa Clara University hoping to help people, and we’re not interested in “marketing fluff.” Ask us to design an eco-friendly website, help with tech stuff, or just say hi!

Web Hosting

Do you have a website? Awesome! We can put your website on our eco-friendly, carbon neutral servers to help the environment. It’ll also boost your search engine rankings.
Cute image of an ecosystem with trees and ducks

Web Design

Our team at HelloStudios loves designing websites for the modern world. Our sites are built for modern devices with screens large and small. They reach the top of Google searches, they load quickly, and they are are as eco-friendly as possible.

Virus Removal

We can quickly remove viruses from WordPress sites and get you setup on our servers so it doesn’t happen again.


Privacy is our thing. All of our domains protect your info by default, no configuration necessary.