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Why, hello there

I’m Reece! Myself and my partner Lucas started HelloStudios as a way to connect businesses with talented college students. Now we’re working to help people go green in an effort to green-ify the web.

Our core goal is to help people, without the “marketing fluff.”

Founded at University

Lucas and I founded HelloStudios at Santa Clara University, California. We found that many of our fellow peers had an incredible, almost natural understanding of modern design trends and technologies.

Our core team responsible for completing projects consists of university students, while a team of full time grads are responsible for maintaining web projects.

Lucas Negritto

Co-founder & Developer

Lucas is the kind of person to come up with daily business ideas and to read developer documentation for fun. When he’s not working on a project with HelloStudios, he’s working with Cal Poly SLO to develop educational software.

Lucas specializes in cloud and server infrastructure, web design, object-oriented programming, and business management.

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Reece Carolan

Co-founder & Lead Developer

Hello again! So I’m Reece, I’m originally from New Hampshire, and I left for California to be closer to the tech scene. I started coding when I was ten, designing iOS apps when I was thirteen, and websites when I was fifteen.

I developed five iOS apps and acquired an abandoned app with over five million downloads to revive it. I started an LLC when I was sixteen to facilitate it.

I’m now incredibly lucky for the opportunity to work with some truly incredible people to bring modern, environmentally friendly tech to the world around us.

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