Web Hosting

Reduce 1 ton of greenhouse gas
100% carbon neutral
Fully managed


free migration

We can migrate your existing website to our servers with no downtime in less than a day, for free!

carbon neutral

The power our servers use is offset 100% by renewable energy. In addition, we offset 1 tonne of greenhouse gasses per year, per website

highly optimized

Our servers are powered by LiteSpeed, MariaDB, PHP 7.3, and 100% SSDs, boosting your website speed and Google rankings.

free SSL and email

Security is important, and so is communication! Both SSL and custom emails are included in all of our plans.

The green part

Environmental initiative

The hosting industry set to overtake the airline industry in pollution by 2020. Not only are we not contributing to the planetary harm, each website we host helps us with our environmental mission. How?

100% Carbon Neutral

We work with Cool Effect to protect endangered forests that would otherwise have been deforrested. Two independent parties ensure a positive, additive impact on the environment occurred. A verified amount of offset carbon pollution is used to keep our servers 100% carbon neutral.

Carbon Negative

We also work with Cool Effect to reduce one tonne of carbon pollution every year, for each of our websites. For most sites, this makes them “carbon negative”


Yep, we plant trees! We plant ten trees every month, multiplied by each website we maintain. That’s a ton of trees.


Reduce, reuse, and recycle doesn’t just apply to the physical world. We use clean, modern code to reduce the power needed to load your website. Efficient caching lets us reuse code already available on-device, instead of  download more data.



Apache is the software that powers nearly half of all servers. We replace Apache with LiteSpeed to vastly improve performance. Instead of serving website visitors one at a time (like at a coffee shop), LiteSpeed handles many visitors simultaneously.

LiteSpeed also provides the best caching solution on the market for WordPress websites, handling 38% more traffic than the runner up.


Latest tech

Like, really fast

Old software has more bugs, less features, and more security flaws than the latest alternatives. We are one of few companies to always use the most cutting edge software available. PHP 7.3, for example, is far faster than its older counterparts.


MariaDB 10.3

Technical stuff

MySQL is the software that powers the backend of 79% of websites. Unfortunately, 83% of these sites are using an old version.

We use an alternative to MySQL called MariaDB. It is faster, more secure, and more feature rich. We noticed a 33% improvement in load times with MariaDB, and we always use the latest version.

PHP 7.3

More technical stuff

PHP is the programming language that runs 79% of the web. PHP version 5 (released way back in 2004) is being used on 65% of these websites.

We use the latest version of PHP 7.3 (released in 2019). PHP 7 fixed 2,513 bugs, added 85 features, and tripled the speed over PHP 5.


Easy Management

We proudly provide the latest version of cPanel – the most popular website management software. It helps you easily manage emails, files, subdomains, and other functions without coding!

You can click through visual menus with clear descriptions to manage your site instead of coding.


Our safe space

Did you know that many hosts stuff 3,000 websites onto a single server? And if even one website is neglected and gets a virus, it can infect your website.

We host a small number of approved websites on each server, and we ensure each site is secure and well-optimized. You’ll never have to worry about your site going down because the mom-and-pop website got a virus.

Free Tool

More Info

Managed Security & Speed

If Google notices a site has been infected with malware or a virus, it may block it from searches. More than 60% of hacked WordPress sites are caused by outdated plugins.

Knowing this, we keep your site (and every site on our servers) up-to-date to avoid slowdowns, malware, and bans. We also manage the security of the server on a hardware and software level with 24/7 monitoring.



free migration

We’ll transfer your current website to our servers for free

simple pricing

No price increases, no additional fees, no addon services. Everything you need for one simple price


We take daily backups of your entire website

100% green

Our servers are completely carbon neutral

tree planting

Our partner plants 10 (or 50) trees every month, multiplied for each of our clients

carbon reducing

Our partner reduces one tonne of carbon pollution each year, multiplied for each of our clients


Cutting edge replacement for traditional server software, speeding everything up


The easiest visual interface to help you manage your website, without coding

PHP 7.3

The latest, fastest, most secure version of PHP. Embrace the latest and greatest


Powered by 100% SSDs, no more slow spinning disks

MariaDB 10.3

The latest, fastest, most secure database software available


Get customer name@yourbusiness.com email addresses

SSL security

Show your customers your site is secure with SSL security (the lock icon)

99.9% uptime

Your website will be there for when your clients need it


Perfect for small businesses


No additional fees

Storage: 5gb

Bandwidth: 200gb

Email: Custom Address

Managed Server: Yes

100% Carbon Neutral

Carbon Reduced: 1 tonne/year

Trees Planted: 10/month


Twice the resources


No additional fees

Storage: 10gb

Bandwidth: 260gb

Email: Free G Suite

Managed Server: Yes

100% Carbon Neutral

Carbon Reduced: 2 tonnes/year

Trees Planted: 50/month