Web Design

Hello! Our team of university students can design websites with clean, modern code. We’ll help you showcase your best products to your clients, all with eco-friendly software in mind.


A selection of some websites made by HelloStudios. Naturally our own website was designed by us, so keep exploring 🙂

LensFire Films

A creative film agency wanted to show off what they do best

CMH Wealth

An East Coast financial firm who badly needed a new website


A talented rapper can now share his latest 🔥 tracks


Now New Englanders looking for vacation homes on the water can find 4 Wentworth Lane


A fluid dynamics company with an affinity for the environment can share their work


Serving some of the best bubble tea and froyo in town


ParStar, founded by our own Lucas, is developing new educational software

Tornado Pest Control

Now sharing their business with the online world

6ix Figure Strategy

Ultra clean and ultra simple